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Did You Know?

1. The first direct recording electronic (DRE) voting machine that was used in an election was patented on Feb. 19, 1974 and was called the Video Voter. It did not contain a computer but relied on projected light and phototransistors.
2. Electronic voting machines were first used in elections in Streamwood and Woodstock, Illinois in 1975.
3. US Congress passed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA) following the 2000 US Presidential election to provide $3.9 billion in funding for jurisdictions to replace lever machine and punch card systems with electronic voting machines and optical scan systems.
4. Georgia was the first state to use direct recording electronic voting machines on a statewide basis in 2002.
5. Over 100,000 votes were not counted by the iVotronic voting system during the Nov. 2006 Florida election according to the Florida Fair Elections Center.