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Advanced Voting Solutions, Inc. (FKA: R.F. Shoup Corporation) Biography

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“The WINvote system offers a next generation touch screen solution that has a wider range of features, functions and benefits than any of the currently available systems on the market or any of legacy systems that preceded it. It uses leading edge wireless technology to shave operating costs, reduce the amount of time needed to prepare for and administer elections, streamline polling place management, and produce efficient election night accumulation and reporting operations.”

www.advancedvoting (accessed Sep. 28, 2006)


“Staffed with many of the industry’s most experienced, innovative, and dedicated elections professionals, Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) spun off from a century old election solutions enterprise in 2001 to offer cutting edge voting system technology to the modern elections marketplace.” (accessed Sep. 28, 2006)


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