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Black Box Voting, Inc. Biography

Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“Black Box Voting’s position is that, after spending billions of taxpayer dollars on junk, it is time for Watergate-style hearings. The current voting machine fiasco in the United States involved bribes, corruption and collusion. Citizens long to hear their representatives ask the tough questions. Citizens want the perps held accountable. It is premature to try to paper over the parade of disastrous findings with a law. First, we need to know how this happened in the first place — under oath and with subpoenas, in bipartisan hearings with tough questions. The collective will to enact real solutions, which must include citizen oversight every step of the way, will only appear when citizens can see the full extent of the failures in our electoral procurement process exposed, and those who are responsible must be held accountable.”

Black Box Voting’s online forum, July 31, 2006


“Black Box Voting investigates election problems, communicates the problems to the citizenry, and teaches citizens how to manage their own government — which means teaching citizens how to identify elections problems and providing citizens with the tools to oversee elections. Black Box Voting takes the position that being a citizen means taking an active role in government oversight. Elections procedures must be fair, they must be inclusive, they must prevent voter disenfranchisement, they must protect each individual’s vote by reducing the ability to tamper or miscount. Systems do not achieve quality automatically — citizen oversight is the key ingredient to fair and accurate elections . Because We, the People are the owners of our government, we citizens should expect to take an active role in managing the quality of the government systems we have created.”

Black Box Voting’s website (accessed Sep. 19, 2006)


“The mission of Black Box Voting is to ensure fair and accurate elections through citizen oversight.”

Black Box Voting’s website (accessed Sep. 19, 2006)

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