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Bruce D. McCullough, PhD Biography

Professor of Decision Sciences and Economics at Drexel University
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Associate Editor, Foundations and Trends in Econometrics, 2005-present
  • Associate Editor, Computational Statistics, 2005-present
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 2004-present
  • Associate Editor, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 2003-present
  • Professor of Decision Sciences and Economics, Drexel University, 2000-present
  • Former Senior Economist – Federal Communications Commission
  • Associate Editor, International Journal of Forecasting, 1999-present
  • PhD, Economics, University of Texas
  • AB, Economics, Georgetown University
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Quoted in:
  1. Did Electronic Voting Machines in the 2000 and 2004 Elections Give an Advantage to a Particular Political Party?