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California Bureau of State Audits Biography

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“[C]itizens and the government rely on us to serve as their watchdog to ensure the effective and efficient administration and management of public funds and programs. It is our job to help make sure that California government stays one step ahead. As the State’s independent external auditor, we provide independent, nonpartisan, accurate, and timely assessments of California government’s financial and operational activities in compliance with generally accepted government auditing standards.”

“A Message from the California State Auditor,” California Bureau of State Audits website (accessed Nov. 11, 2008)


“The California State Auditor promotes the efficient and effective management of public funds and programs by providing to citizens and government independent, objective, accurate, and timely evaluations of state and local governments’ activities.”

“Mission and Philosophy,” California Bureau of State Audits website (accessed Nov. 11, 2008)

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