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Dan McCrea Biography

Co-Founder of Florida Voters Foundation
Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“This is an historic day… when those demanding the security of paper ballots and those demanding HAVA compliant accessibility for voters with disabilities speak with one unified voice. Listen up, state and county officials. No voter should be left behind, especially in the name of equality. That is simply absurd. It’s time to scrap your DREs and replace them with non-tabulating ballot marking devices, providing all voters paper ballots – no exceptions.”

“All Voters Deserve Paper Ballots – Voters With Disabilities Must Not Be Left Behind,”, May 16, 2007

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • Co-Founder of Florida Voters Foundation, 2006 – present
  • Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Advisory, The Miami-Dade Election Reform Coalition, 2003 – present
  • Director, Franklin County Board of Elections, Ohio, 2003 – present
  • Founder – Board Member, KidVentures, 1996 – present
  • Owner, McCrea Construction, 1995 – present
  • Certified General Contractor, State of Florida, 1991 – present
  • President-Elect, Rotary Club of South Miami, 2004 – 2005
  • Member, South Miami Senior High EESAC Committee, 2003 – 2004
  • Vice Chair of the Legislative Committee, Miami-Dade County League of Cities Board, 2003
  • Appointed Director, Incorporation & Annexation Task Force, 2003
  • Commissioner South Miami City Commission, 2002
  • Candidate, South Miami City Commission, 2002
  • Member, South Miami Budget Review Committee, 2001 – 2002
  • Construction Consultant to The City of South Miami, 2000 – 2001
  • Co-author, The South Miami Annenberg Partnership Program [four South Miami public schools], 1997 – 1999
  • Manager, South Miami Code Enforcement Board, 1996 – 2000
  • Founder, The Magic Shuttle (South Miami’s private school bus), 1996
  • School unknown
  • None found
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