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Debra Bowen, JD Biography

Former California Secretary of State
Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“A lot of people don’t have confidence that their votes will be counted as have been cast. We will be using some touch-screen voting machines in California in June, but fewer than we might have. The lawsuit that was filed persuaded some counties from purchasing more electronic voting machines. But really, we’re going to have to go back and deal with all of the security risks and the problems that have occurred in other states before we before we get ready to deploy the equipment in November… It has just been astonishing how many problems there have been with the electronic voting equipment.”

From an interview with Brad Blog; June 5, 2006

Involvement and Affiliations:
  • California Secretary of State, 2007-2014
  • California State Senator from the 28th Senate District, 1998-2006
  • Democratic candidate for California Secretary of State, 2006
  • California State Assembly from the 53rd Assembly District, 1992-1998
  • Chair – California Senate Elections, Reapportionment, and Constitutional Amendments Committee; Select Committee on Integrity of Elections
  • Member – California Senate Committees on Energy; Utilities and Communications; and Rules
  • Sponsored several bills regarding election issues, including SB 370, 2005, to require audits of the paper records of electronic voting machines and SB 11 (2005; still pending before the State Legislature)preventing voting machine manufacturers from making campaign contributions
  • JD, University of Virginia, 1979
  • BA, Michigan State University, 1976
  • Lives in Venice, CA
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