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“Paper ballots in English or a limited variety of other languages and a lack of translators at the polls make voting impossible for many language minority citizens. Poorly trained poll workers can misdirect and sometimes intimidate voters… DRE technology can readily display ballots in different languages, enabling people to vote in their first language… DREs can offer audio ballot choices or juxtapose pictures of candidates with text, enabling citizens with limited literacy to vote… Adoption of this voting system fulfills a core purpose of the Help America Vote Act.”

“U.S. Election Assistance Commission Public Hearing on the Use, Security, and Reliability of Electronic Voting Systems,”, May 5, 2004


“Demos: A Network for Ideas & Action is a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization… Founded in 2000, Demos. work combines research with advocacy- melding the commitment to ideas of a think tank with the organizing strategies of an advocacy group.”

“About” (accessed May 25, 2007)


“Demos: A Network for Ideas & Action is committed to building a society where America fulfills its highest democratic ideals. Our work flows from a set of core principles that have been central pillars of America?s best democratic tradition: a vibrant and inclusive democracy, widely shared economic opportunity, and an accountable government that is a force for problem-solving and for justice. Founded in 2000, Demos? work combines research and advocacy ? melding the commitment to ideas of a think tank with the outreach strategies of an advocacy group. Our three main program areas are election reform and voting rights, economic opportunity, and revitalizing the public sector. Through our Fellows Program and the Demos Forum, we also encourage and bring forward promising writing and policy ideas for the future.”

“About” (accessed May 25, 2007)

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