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Diebold Election Systems, Inc. Biography

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“Diebold electronic voting stations are being used in locations across the United States to assist voters in exercising their most fundamental constitutional right. The right to vote.”

Diebold website (accessed Mar. 14, 2006)


Changed name to Premier Election Solutions, Inc. on Aug. 16, 2007 “Premier Election Solutions, Inc. is a trusted, committed partner with proven solutions to support the voting process and to facilitate the experience for those who manage it as well as those who vote. Premier Election Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Allen, Texas and has offices and personnel throughout the USA.”

“About Us,” Premier Election Solutions website (accessed Sep. 22, 2008)


“To ensure accurate vote counting, extremely reliable security, and accessibility for every voter.”

Diebold website (accessed Mar. 14, 2006)

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