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Election Systems and Software, Inc. (ES&S) Biography

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“Now is an exciting time in the field of elections, and we are thrilled to partner with so many jurisdictions in the United States and worldwide to provide secure, accurate, and reliable voting solutions that improve participation in the democratic process.”

ES&S website (accessed Apr. 14, 2006)


“Election Systems and Software, Inc. is the world’s largest and most experienced provider of total election management solutions with over 74,000 systems installed worldwide.”

“About ES&S – Company Overview,” ES&S website (accessed Sep. 22, 2008)


“At Election Systems & Software, we recognize the incredible responsibility we have to voters around the world. We’re very proud of and take seriously our role in the democratic process. Maintaining voter confidence — and enhancing the voting experience — is at the core of our mission as a company.”

“About ES&S – Company Overview, Aldo Tesi, President & Chief Executive Officer,” ES&S website (accessed Sep. 22, 2008)

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