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Florida Voters Coalition Biography

Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“Make voter verified paper ballots (VVPB)–hereinafter defined as durable paper ballots, hand marked by the voter or by a certified non-tabulating ballot-marking device–the official record of every vote. Optical Scan VVPB systems with, accessible ballot marking devices and reasonable multi-lingual parity where required by federal, state, or county law, comply with this standard. Direct Recording Electronic devices (DREs), whether fitted with printers or not, do not comply because they have proven insecure, error-prone, and they disenfranchise voters.”

“2007 Position Paper on Voting Systems,”, May 5, 2007


“Florida Voters Coalition (FVC) is a group of Florida voters and state and national organizations working together toward common goals of election reform”

“About” (accessed May 25, 2007)


“The Florida Voters Coalition (FVC) calls on Florida officials to return elections to their rightful owners – the voters – in 2007. Currently, Florida’s elections are unreasonably controlled by private, corporate interests and conducted by secret, unverifiable means. The Governor, Legislature and Department of State all have roles in reversing this unwholesome trend by returning the conduct of Florida elections to transparent, citizen-run, local affairs in the most fundamental traditions of 230 years of American democracy.”

“2007 Position Paper on Voting Systems” (accessed May 25, 2007)

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