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Herman Hollerith, PhD Biography

Founder of IBM Corporation
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Involvement and Affiliations:
  • National Inventors Hall of Fame (posthumous), 1990
  • Patents first automated data computation system (U.S. Patent 395,782 458KB), which uses a system of punched cards, to improve the process of compiling the U.S. census, 1889
  • Considered the pioneer of modern computing
  • The company he founded, Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company, changes its name to International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), 1924
  • Bronze Medal, World’s Columbian Exposition, 1892
  • Elliott Cresson Medal of the Franklin Institute of Philadelphia, 1890
  • Medaille d’Or, Exposition Universelle de 1889, 1889
  • PhD, Engineering, Columbia University, 1890
  • EM (Engineer of Mines), Columbia University School of Mines, 1879
  • Died on 1929