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Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) Biography

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“I am not going to stand here this afternoon and say that this group of companies or any company has the perfect solution to voting system integrity. No one can claim that. But I can tell you that by forming this group and setting a worthy agenda, the ETC [Election Technology Council] is now a forum to which those in academia, government, interested groups and individuals can turn for constructive dialogue on issues like vote accuracy and security. And I can also tell you that the integrity of electronic voting systems, while not perfect, are dramatically better than punched paper ballots.”

Harris Miller, President, ITAA, “ITAA Headline – Election Technology Council: Press Conference Statements,”, Dec. 9, 2003


“The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA) is the premier high-tech industry association working to maintain America’s role as the world’s innovation headquarters… The Association has offices in the Washington, DC area and Silicon Valley and unique affiliations with regional and national technology groups across America and around the world… ITAA has been promoting innovation since 1961.”

“About ITAA,”, June 6, 2008


“Our mission is to represent and enhance the competitive interests of the U.S. information technology and electronics industries.”

“About ITAA,”, June 6, 2008

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