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Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

For our first 100 years Americans voted openly. Ballots were not secret until the 1880’s. Today we conduct elections under a cloak of secrecy, behaving more like cowards than citizens. Voting by secret ballot, voting machine, absentee, early, Internet, e-mail, phone, fax, central ‘counting’ facility, or carrier pigeon is an invitation to undetectable vote fraud… Ideally, ballots should be voter-certified. Voters should get a copy of their marked ballot to take home and all ballots should be a matter of public record and review. However, since election officials have privatized and outsourced their jobs to voting machine companies, the only alternative voters have today is to ‘Go Public’ with their votes… It’s time for us to stand up and be counted.”

Lynn Landes in a May 26, 2006 email to; to see the full text of her statement click here

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  • Publisher of website, including section titled “Lynn Investigates” focused on voting security and democracy
  • Freelance journalist specializing in voting and democracy, the environment, and health
  • Founder – Zero Waste America environmental research organization
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  • BA, Political Science, Temple University, 1976
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