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  1. How Are Votes from Electronic Voting Machines Tabulated?
  2. Do Poll Workers Have Sufficient Support Mechanisms to Deal with Unanticipated Technical Issues with Electronic Voting Machines on Election Day?
  3. Do Electronic Voting Machines Provide More Rapid Results Than Other Types of Voting Systems?
  4. Is It Appropriate for Private Electronic Voting Machine Manufacturers to Facilitate Public Elections?
  5. What Are Residual Votes?
  6. What Is a Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT)?
  7. What Is a Software Patch?
  8. What Is the Difference between an Audit and a Recount?
  9. If a Software Patch Is Installed, Are Electronic Voting Machines Re-Tested before Election Day?
  10. Is There a Method in Place to Make Sure the Electronic Voting Machines Used by Voters on Election Day Are Fully Certified and Identical to the Machines That Were Tested?
  11. Are Electronic Voting Machines More Susceptible to Fraud Than Other Types of Voting Machines?
  12. What Is Ballot Definition?
  13. Is Parallel Testing an Effective Method of Assuring the Accuracy of Electronic Voting Machines?
  14. What Are Electronic Voting Machines?
  15. What Is Electronic Voting Machine Source Code?
  16. Is Transmitting Votes from Individual Polling Stations to the Central Tabulation Center a Secure Process?
  17. What Are the Stages of Testing Electronic Voting Machines?
  18. Do Poll Workers Receive Adequate Training to Facilitate Elections Conducted on Electronic Voting Machines?
  19. Is Qualification Testing Conducted by Independent and Accredited Entities?