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Office of the Southington, Connecticut Registrar of Voters Biography

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“We loved the machines and hope that the State of Connecticut adopts them or at least allows them to be used. We will not hesitate to recommend that our town buys them for future use. As you know, as Registrars we would not favor anything that we felt would add to our Election Day problems. We are convinced that using the Avante machines will eliminate problems rather than add to them.”

“Summary of Experience: Avante Electronic Voting Machines,” Southington Electrion Department website, 2003


“Chief Election Officials of the Southington, Connecticut township government with overall responsibility for the conduct of the election,, including the proper training (and certification where needed) of all election officials and workers; proper setup and operation of all voting machines; all elections supplies needed at the polling places; making proper determinations of the eligibility of residents to vote; preparing all official voting lists and the distribution of all official voting lists and the distribution of all official literature; overseeing absentee voting and the hiring and supervising of all election officials and workers.”

Southington Election Department website (accessed July 28, 2006)


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