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Premier Election Solutions, Inc. Biography

Pro to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“Premier Election Solutions has long been a leader in delivering secure, accurate, reliable voting products. Our experience and history within this industry have taught us that Election Day success depends on a balance of innovation, comprehensive services, and ongoing support. Recognized for our leadership in such technology as optical scanning, we continue to leverage the latest technologies to make the election process even more efficient and consistent. We work closely with states, counties, municipalities and private organizations to identify their needs and design custom solutions that meet those needs now and in the future. Election officials look to us as a full-service partner with the experience, people, and infrastructure in place to deliver customized, quality services for each election.”

“About Us – At A Glance,” Premier Election Solutions website (accessed Sep. 22, 2008)


Formerly known as Diebold Election Systems, Inc. “Premier Election Solutions, Inc. is a trusted, committed partner with proven solutions to support the voting process and to facilitate the experience for those who manage it as well as those who vote. Premier Election Solutions, Inc. is headquartered in Allen, Texas and has offices and personnel throughout the USA.”

“About Us,” Premier Election Solutions website (accessed Sep. 22, 2008)


“Premier Election Solutions provides high-quality voting technology to jurisdictions of all sizes, along with comprehensive service and support capability, and is committed to the accuracy, security and integrity of elections.”

“About Us,” Premier Election Solutions website (accessed Sep. 22, 2008)

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