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Sequoia Voting Systems Biography

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“Sequoia provides complete election technology solutions including voting equipment and election support products such as electronic poll books; customized electronic and hands-on training options; end-to-end ballot layout and production services and complete implementation and support programs… With a wide variety of offerings, Sequoia can customize a total election program that meets your election jurisdiction’s needs and budget.”

“About – Corporate Overview,” Sequoia website (accessed Sep. 23, 2008)


“Sequoia is a leading international election technology provider with major offices in California, Colorado and New York and an unsurpassed 100-year-plus history of providing accurate, reliable, accessible and innovative voting solutions dating back to the nation’s first lever-based mechanical voting equipment in the 1890s… Sequoia’s voting equipment product suite is includes a comprehensive election management system, precinct-based optical scan voting units, high-speed central count optical scan ballot readers, and full-face and paginating touch screen electronic voting equipment with optional printers that produce voter verified paper records.”

“About – Corporate Overview,” Sequoia website (accessed Sep. 23, 2008)


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