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Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“Many have been persuaded that DREs will eliminate the persistent problems of overvotes, undervotes and phantom votes (more votes recorded than voters), that they will dramatically reduce storage costs, make recounts quick and easy, and that what problems remain can be overcome via policies, procedures and guidelines, which they can implement at the local level This has proven to be inaccurate… Electronic equipment miscounts votes, breaks down during elections, malfunctions as it tallies votes, disenfranchises voters, and is highly vulnerable to both outside hacking and large scale manipulation by any of the thousands of insiders with access to the central tabulating software. Invisible ballot counting, tabulation, and aggregation; undisclosed, proprietary source code; hidden bugs; uncertified bug fixes; secret audit trail failures; and the impossibility of conducting meaningful recounts compound these deficiencies.”

“What Are We Working For?” Vote Trust website (accessed June 16, 2006)


A national non-profit, non-partisan organization that promotes transparent, fair, observable, and audited elections


“The Mission of VoteTrustUSA is to ensure that future elections are open, fair, accessible, and publicly transparent and that they accurately reflect the intentions of the voters. The Purpose of VoteTrustUSA is to dramatically expand the range and capabilities of the election integrity movement to improve election laws, regulations and administrative processes throughout the country and in Washington, D.C. To achieve these goals, VoteTrustUSA is building a dynamic, responsive, and interactive national framework to meet the current and developing needs of existing and emerging non-partisan state and local election integrity organizations, and the national movement.”

Vote Trust website (accessed June 16, 2006)

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