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Con to the question "Do Electronic Voting Machines Improve the Voting Process?"

“With electronic voting, the most important and vulnerable election processes – recording and tallying the votes – are performed in secret, without public oversight. These processes were not developed by government officials charged with ensuring election integrity, but by anonymous software engineers, hired by vendors and not accountable to the public for the quality of their work. One would expect overwhelming benefits to accompany this sacrifice of transparency and the resulting loss of public control over election processes. That’s the myth. Ironically, overwhelming disadvantages accompany the sacrifice.”

“Facts About Electronic Voting,” Voters Unite website (accessed July 26, 2006)


“An organization dedicated to fair and accurate elections that focuses on distributing well-researched information to election officials, elected officials, the media, and the public; as well as providing activists with the information they need to work toward transparent elections in their communities.”

Voters Unite website (accessed July 26, 2006)


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